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Beyond COVID-19: Plan now to future-proof* your therapeutic plasma 


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As we’ve seen in the past, and now in the present, the continuity of the blood supply can be threatened by disease outbreaks. 

The good news is that potential blood product shortages, and the resulting impact on patients and healthcare systems, can be minimised by implementing new processes now, such as pathogen inactivation, that will safeguard stocks of therapeutic plasma and other blood products in the case of future outbreaks.

We’ve created an in-depth white paper, Beyond COVID-19: Plan Now to Future-Proof* Your Therapeutic Plasma, that examines these topics:

  • History of epidemics over the last 20 years
  • The cost and safety advantages of pathogen inactivated plasma compared to the quarantine storage of plasma
  • The value of the INTERCEPT™ Blood System for convalescent plasma (CCP) in the treatment of COVID-19
  • Why it’s important to prepare now for the pandemics of the future

While the blood supply can frequently be taken for granted during routine times, there are actions that can be taken today to support patient access to therapeutic plasma and other blood products, in preparation for the times when the blood system is under stress.

Download white paper

* “Future-Proof Your Therapeutic Plasma” means “Provide a level of pathogen inactivation in the future, identical to the current performance of PI systems”.  There has been no pathogen inactivation process that has been shown to eliminate all pathogens.