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Cerus 19/07/2022

Are you aware of the continuing risk of septic transfusion reactions?

Cerus 19/07/2022

What If the next Pandemic Is Blood Borne

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought global suffering and loss, but every situation can ultimately bring a positive outcome. Healthcare systems alone have had to cope with an insufficient number of ventilators, a dearth of therapeutic treatments, lack of personal protective equipment for critical staff, and many of those staff becoming ill themselves. Society has yet to fully realize the...

Cerus 12/05/2021

Beyond COVID-19: Plan now to future-proof* your therapeutic plasma 

As we’ve seen in the past, and now in the present, the continuity of the blood supply can be threatened by disease outbreaks. 

Cerus 21/12/2020

HemoMinas in Brazil adopts INTERCEPT for Platelets

Comércio Exportação e Importação de Materiais Médicos LTDA (CEI), a Cerus business partner, is awarded a three-year contract with the HemoMinas Foundation of Brazil for the INTERCEPTTM Blood System for platelets. 

Cerus 16/09/2020

Podcast: "Preparing our blood supply for the next pandemic" with Dr. Susan Stramer

Dr. Stramer discusses how pathogen outbreaks can impact blood safety and availability, and what to do about it. 

Cerus 28/05/2020

Inactivation efficacy of INTERCEPT for a broad spectrum of viruses and parasites

Despite the diligent implementation of strategies to minimize the risk of transfusion-transmitted infections, blood recipients, who are often vulnerable due to massive bleeding or immunosuppressive treatments are still at risk.