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Cerus 06/08/2018

Let us do something about it!

In 1982 was an epidemic of HIV in San Francisco. 300 patients acquired HIV infections from blood transfusions. The patients did not blame the hospital, but simply asked “Do something about it”. This request became the personal motivation of M.D. Larry Corash to found Cerus.

Economics 06/07/2018

The economics of Double Dose Buffy Coat Platelets

For blood centres seeking a cost-effective way to implement INTERCEPTTM pathogen inactivation, double dose buffy coat platelet production may offer a solution.

What is a double dose buffy coat platelet unit?

A platelet concentrate with sufficient platelet count to result in 2 therapeutic doses after pathogen inactivation with the INTERCEPT Blood System.

The double dose buffy coat platelet...

Hospital News 06/07/2018

INTERCEPT Blood System for massively transfused patients

Large Austrian Medical Centre publishes study results on component utilization and patient safety after adoption of platelet pathogen inactivation.

The Medical University Hospital in Innsbruck has evaluated the influence of the INTERCEPT™ Blood System for platelets on component utilization and patient safety. The effectiveness of conventional vs. INTERCEPT™-treated platelets was analyzed...

Cerus 06/07/2018

2 million Swiss francs to develop a whole blood PI system in Africa

The Swiss Red Cross Humanitarian Foundation has awarded a grant of 2 million Swiss Francs to Cerus, the University Hospital of Basel, and the Swiss Transfusion SRC to complete the necessary clinical studies to develop a whole blood pathogen inactivation system for use in Africa. 


Missing Type

What if the blood groups, A, B and O were to disappear suddenly from everyday life?

Every second, thanks to blood donors, three transfusions are given around the world. But global blood services are highlighting a 28% drop in new donors compared to 10 years ago.