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Cerus 22/07/2019

ISBT Basel 2019 - Presentations

PresentationsCerus Satellite Symposium at ISBT Basel 2019

"Safeguarding the blood supply against (re)emerging pathogens. Balancing blood safety and economics"

Have you had the opportunity to join Cerus Satellite symposium on Tuesday June 25, 2019 at the ISBT in Basel? Regardless, we are pleased to share the presentations with you from the Cerus Symposium. 

Transfusion-Transmitted Infections 18/02/2019

INTERCEPT Blood System may prevent transmission of occult Hepatitis B infection

The paper by Candotti et al. describes HBV transmission to 9 (nine) recipients by blood transfusion with FFP and RBC components from 3 (three) Slovenian blood donors with occult hepatitis B infection (OBI). The viruses remained undetected by both serology (HBsAg) and NAT testing.

Transfusion-Transmitted Infections 07/01/2019

INTERCEPT Blood System supports blood supply during West Nile virus epidemic in France

Since the beginning of July 2018, the Mediterranean region has experienced an epidemic of West Nile virus infections: 24 cases in three French regions (Paca, Corsica and Occitania), according to the latest report from Public Health France. The disease is transmitted by the Culex mosquito.

Transfusion-Transmitted Infections 06/11/2018

Platelet transfusion-associated bacterial sepsis cases reported in Utah and California

The US Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently published details related to fatal sepsis cases that resulted from bacterially contaminated conventional platelet components.
Regulations 08/08/2018

Pathogen Inactivation, towards becoming the standard of care in Germany

As of January 1, 2018, specific reimbursement for pathogen inactivated platelets is now available in Germany.

Cerus 08/08/2018

Madrid adopts INTERCEPT™

On October 30, 2017 Cerus Corp. announced that it has entered into a two-year supply contract with Centro de Transfusion de la Comunidad de Madrid (CTCM) for the INTERCEPT Blood System for platelets.